Physio at Home

We have completed appointments in all sorts of places, from people’s homes to the home of cricket, and gyms to stadiums.

Physio at home

NeuroPhysio has an extensive domiciliary service and is able to provide expert neurological rehabilitation to people in their own homes, residences and within the community

We have completed appointments in all sorts of places, from people’s homes to the home of cricket, and gyms to stadiums.

Home neurological physiotherapy consultations enable our skilled neuro physio team to make recommendations that fit perfectly with the person’s environment and lifestyle. It means NeuroPhysio can tailor any exercises to the space and equipment available, as well as allowing us to prescribe effective practice of movements within the exact context that they will be completed.

Neuro rehabilitation works best when it is goal driven and specific to whatever task or activity the person wants to achieve. That’s why our neuro physio team will also work with you anywhere else in the community that’s required. Our Access Sport programme is designed to take rehabilitation beyond the clinic and to pursue each individuals interests, no matter what they are.

Neuro Physio home visits are currently available in Herts, Essex, Beds, North London and East London. NeuroPhysio is however a growing team so please do call us to confirm our availability if you are situated outside of these areas.


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Helen worked with my 88 year old Mum following her knee replacement. I was very very impressed. Personable, knowledgeable, supportive, she got my Mum full mobilised and back playing bowls. She had her operation in November 2018 and was she was back playing bowls in January 2019. My Mum has now had a refurbishment of her replacement hip and I have no hesitation in going back to her and recommending her to others.

Karen Land

Excellent professional service! Helen really helped me with my injury. I would use her services again and recommend to family and friends!

Karren Rice Watercolour Channel

Helen is a great physiotherapist! She thorough, extremely knowledgeable and very kind. Despite being busy, I never felt rushed. If the need arises I will definitely go to her again.

Sussan Warren

Helen is a great physio with fantastic technical knowledge. She’s also a lovely person which makes sessions really enjoyable. Thanks for the help Helen! 🙂

Andrew Mcculloch

An inner ear problem last July that developed into vestibular neuritis led to problems with the muscles, nerves and joints in my neck which caused nausea, dizziness, vision problems as well as the usual aches and pain. In February I came to the Physio4 You team in despair. Rachel did a thorough vestibular assessment and was able to reassure me that the vestibular problem was resolved. I was then given Helen’s details for the neck issues. She has been a real Godsend. She is calm, friendly, reassuring and professional. After a thorough exam in which she listened carefully to my history of symptoms, she took time to explain what the problem was and a plan for treatment going forward. This problem has caused me real anxiety at times. She set my mind at rest that I will get better. I am still undergoing treatment but there has been a vast improvement. She takes time to answer all my questions and I always leave feeling so positive. I would thoroughly recommend their services

Jenny Shape